Apr 10

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre wins Award

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre was recognized by Ontario Technology University for the Agency Award of Distinction for Nursing Placements.

“With this being our third award in the last year,  greatly influenced by the students  I can’t help but attribute our recognition in large part to the implementation our student registration system (NirvSystem).” stated Tracy Howze-Innes, Nursing Education.

Some quotes from our student experience survey directly from our students:

  • I love the simplicity of the online registration. It was so easily accessible and made me very excited to begin at Sunnybrook.
  • The online registration system was convenient and provided clear instructions regarding what we need to submit and where to submit the information. There was no confusion experienced during the process.
  • The layout for every online module was great
  • Easy to navigate the site. I also liked that there’s a clear list of the modules with hyperlinks required to complete, so you don’t have to wonder around on the hospital’s website to find them
  • Everything was online so it was convenient.
  • Registration was simple, easy to follow and understand.
  • I love that everything was online and paperless. It made it easy to determine what was completed and what still needed to be done.
  • Instructions for registration was simple and easy to follow.
  • The online system was great.
  • The registration system was great and convenient to fill out.
  • The online service is very comprehensive and easy to use.

Thank-you to Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre for sharing this award recognition with us.