Onboarding and Credential Management

Why use NirvSystem?

Risk Mitigation

Mitigate risk by ensuring compliance with hospital practices, standards, and policies


Streamline communication processes with automated notifications and reminders for missing or expired requirements

User Satisfaction

Increase user satisfaction with an efficient and paperless registration process

Cost Savings

Save money and time, reduce admin effort from 10 days down to 15 minutes per 1,000 users

NirvSystem is flexible and efficient, designed to manage all your onboarding processes.

User Registration

  • Customizable user records to suit any healthcare discipline
  • Collect and Track any type of requirement, such as e-Modules, Agreements/Policies, Mask Fitting
  • Online Registration permits working at their own page and before entering the hospital


  • Ensure completion of requirements promoting patient health, safety, and privacy
  • Mitigate risk of financial and legal liabilities
  • Automated emails remind staff and learners to complete their registration

Hospital Items

  • Allow Staff and Learners to order hospital items like badges, pagers, lockers, scrubs
  • Grant access to EHR/EMR once requirements are completed
  • Easily collect and refund deposits through online payments

Event Calendar

  • Create and share calendar events (orientations, health assessments) and allow users to register whenever available
  • Provide up-to-date date, times and locations and send confirmation emails to users
  • Automatically register eligible users and track attendance


  • Generate reports on any attribute of the user records including profession, registration status, requirements, and more
  • For emergencies and outbreaks, know exactly where your staff and learners are so that you can communicate with them effectively

We Speak Your Language

To better serve your users our solutions are available in multiple languages: English, French and Spanish. We also offer 24/7 support.

NirvSystem Product Benefits

Discover how NirvSystem can improve the registration and onboarding process right out of the box. Learn how any healthcare institution can get new staff and learners compliant from day 1.

Download this PDF to discover our key benefits:


Sunnybrook Health Center Case Study

Sunnybrook has evolved from its original role as Canada’s largest veterans care hospital into an internationally recognized center for excellence in healthcare, education and research. Today, approximately 11 000 staff, physicians, volunteers, and learners make up their healthcare team.  Read about how the Sunnybrook uses NirvSystem to manage the influx of staff & learners, and onboard users without stress and chaos.

Download this PDF to learn how Sunnybrook reduced costs:


Comparing our competitors with NirvSystem: the most comprehensive healthcare staff management and onboarding system on the market

Features EMR Systems Education Software NirvSystem LMS Systems
Accommodating all health professions, across the board
Staff and Learner Record, Demographics, Contact Details (incl Emergency)  
Cost Recovery Model (User pays vs Hospital pays Options)
Rotation / Placement, inc View Previous Education History
Event Management (easy registration) for events including orientation, IPE sessions, academic sessions, etc.
Immunization / Mask Fitting, with Occupational Health Role to manage records
Requirements, with expiration dates, document upload capabilities
Customizable Workflow Management and Role Access
Electronic Signatures for Policies and Document Repository
Multiples languages, Human (Multilingual), Computers (APIs)

Legend: – Partial – Yes – No