Feb 29

NirvSystem Announces Strategic Partnership with Lakeridge Health to Streamline Learner Onboarding

Markham, Ontario – NirvSystem, a leader in credentialing and onboarding solutions, is proud to announce a new partnership with Lakeridge Health (LH), aimed at revolutionizing the onboarding process for healthcare learners. This collaboration is set to enhance efficiency and streamline procedures for both new and returning learners across LH’s network.

By adopting NirvSystem’s cutting-edge technology, the partnership will eliminate the need for manual submissions, reduce administrative tasks, and ensure continuous, accessible, and updated documentation. This initiative is expected to simplify the onboarding experience, allowing learners to access online training resources easily and focus on their professional development in a supportive environment.

LH’s facilities, including Ajax Pickering Hospital, Bowmanville Hospital, Oshawa Hospital, Port Perry Hospital, and Whitby Hospital, will benefit from this improved process, marking a significant step forward in educational and operational efficiency.